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Posted by The Bible Book on February 8, 2010 at 3:55 AM

Around the world people are becoming aware of the power of love. It isamazing to realize that something so simple has seemingly eludedhumanity for so long. Yet, where once there were borders, walls arecoming down. Where we previously saw an enemy, we now are beginning tosee family - our fellow brother and sister. As our hearts open weremember their tear is our tear, their laughter is our laughter. We arefinally awakening to the fact that we are all one people upon thisplanet.



So much change is occurring as old traditions, methods and beliefs aretransforming into new ways of living. Cooperation is replacingcompetition, forgiveness is healing revenge and hate, and fear is beingtransmuted through love. These are the real issues of life that aretruly altering our experience and setting the stage for a peacefulfuture.



What can one person do to make a difference? Encourage love. The bestthing we can do every moment of every day is to be a beacon of love.When we accept love in our hearts and see through the eyes of love, ourcollective world changes at that moment. We literally transform lifeeach time we accept and share love.



Why would something so simple be difficult to embrace? This is due toour long held perception of separation and division from love. We haveforgotten that love exists every moment and is available to us merelyby its recognition. Instead, we trained ourselves over the centuries tobelieve that life is harsh and that somehow fear and doubt are morereal than the all pervading power of love.



Make this moment one of love and you automatically bring it with youinto the next moment. Practice this often and your life becomes thelove you seek.


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