The Bible

                             *I Wish For You*


          * "I wish for you..."*

* Comfort on difficult days,*

* Smiles when sadness intrudes,*

* Rainbows to follow the clouds,*

* Laughter to kiss your lips,*

* Sunsets to warm your heart*

* Gentle hugs when spirits sag,*

* Friendships to brighten your being,*

* Beauty for your eyes to see,*

* Confidence for when you doubt,*

* Faith so that you can believe,*

* Courage to know yourself,*

* Patience to accept the truth,*

* And love to complete your life.*

* God Bless you!*

* I asked the Lord to bless you*

* As I prayed for you today*

* To guide you and protect you*

* As you go along your way....*

* His love is always with you*

* His promises are true*

* No matter what the tribulation*

* You know He will see us through*

* So when the road you're traveling on*

* Seems difficult at best*

* Give your problems to the Lord*

* And God will do the rest.*






             *Roses Of Friendship*



Friendship is like a rose.

The beauty of friendship

Like a lovely rose in the spring

That blossoms with sweet fragrance

So much happiness it can bring.

Making life wonderful

And the days so complete

As we walk through the sunshine

Enjoying new friends we meet.

I pray your day is special

Your evening full of peace

May happiness envelop you

And all your worries cease.

There's nothing more rewarding

Than a friend so kind and true

That's why I take this time to send

A friendship rose to you.

The Friendship Rose to Hold..

Is Yours forever...

I'm sending this card,

sealed with a warm embrace

that I hope puts a smile

upon your lovely face.

Between the lines,I hope you'll see,

how very dear you are to me.

For there's a magic in written words

that can speak a happiness

that's felt not heard.So across the miles,

I'm reaching out like a warm wind,

to let you know that I appreciate you, friend.

Roses are blooming everywhere

There are beautiful gardens,

golden stairs Trees of every sort and design

All that you ever wanted you find

Right here in God's Heaven - I'm certain that He Designed all this beauty, so that all could see How wondrous His Mercies and Goodness extends

To all who would seek Him - He calls us all Friends ....
And He makes a Place where we truly know

That God is within us - and one day, we'll go

Back to all this beauty, surrounded by Him

Where there is no heartache, suffering or sin

We find all the blessings not known to man

He crowns us with Glory - This Great One - 'I AM'
So please don't be saddened, despondent or grim

For ROSES ARE BLOOMING - And I dwell with HIM.....

As With these Roses Our Friendship has

Bloomed With Love

We Have Found ...

'The Rose of Friendship'

With all its Warmth and Love.

It has whispered a joyful tune
in our hearts.

The wind has carried this
gentle voice,

Telling us that there awaits the

'Rose of Friendship'

around another corner of this world.

Each Petal But A Small Part

Each act of Kindness

Carefully Connected

When Unfurled in all it's Splendor,

A Sight to See!

Behold! Our Friendship!